Directory of Academic Profiles
Bandung Institute of Technology

Research Group

Aesthetics and The Science of Art
Agrotechnology and Bioproduct Engineering
Air And Waste Management
Analysis and Geometry
Analytical Chemistry
Animal Physiology and Developmental Biology and Biomedical Sciences
Apllied Geology
Applied Geophysics
Architectural Design
Architectural History, Theory and Criticism
Atmospheric Sciences
Biological Resources Management
Biology Pharmacy
Biomedical Engineering
Building Technology
Chemical Engineering Process Design and Development
Chemical Engineering Product Design and Development
Combinatorial Mathematics
Computer Engineering
Construction Engineering and Management
Control System and Computer
Craft and Tradition
Design Science and Visual Culture Sciences
Design, Operation and Maintenance of Aircraft
Drilling Engineering, Production, Oil & Gas Man
Earth Resources Exploration
Electronics Engineering
Energy and Chemical Engineering Processing System
Energy Conversion
Engineering Physics
Entrepreneurship and Marketing Strategy
Environmental Management Technology
Finance and Decision
Flight Physics
Forestry Technology
Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology
Geotechnical Engineering
Global Geophysical
Housing and Human Settlement
Human and Interior
Human Management and Operation
Humanity Science
Hydrographic Science and Engineering
Industrial and Financial Mathematics
Industrial Design
Industrial Management
Industrial System and Techno-Economics
Information Technology
Inorganic and Physical Chemistry
Instrumentation and Control
Lightweight Structure
Manufacturing Systems
Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Design
Mechanical Engineering Production
Metallurgy Engineering
Microbial Biotechnology
Mining Engineering
Nuclear Physics and Biophysics
Ocean Engineering
Organic Chemistry
Pharmacology-Clinical Pharmacy
Physics of Complex System
Physics of Electronic Materials
Physics of Magneticsm and Photonics
Plant Sciences and Biotechnology
Policy Planning and Development Management
Power Engineering
Regional and Rural Planning
Regional and Urban Infrastructure System
Remote Sensing & Geographical Information Sciences
Reservoir Engineering
Software Engineering and Data
Sports Science
Structural Engineering
Surveying and Cadastre
Telecommunication Engineering
Theoretical High Energy Physics and Instrumentation
Transportation Engineering
Urban Planning and Design
Visual Art
Visual Communication and Multimedia
Water & Wastewater Engineering
Water Resources Engineering